BERNETTE 64 Airlock Overlocker

Experience effortless sewing with the bernette 64 AIRLOCK. Featuring an automatic air threader, freearm design, spacious work surface, and 5 bright LEDs, this overlocker offers unmatched convenience and precision. With 16 stitches and a sewing speed of up to 1300 stitches per minute, the b64 AIRLOCK is perfect for any sewing project.

BERNETTE 64 Airlock Overlocker

Introducing the bernette 64 AIRLOCK, the overlocker designed to streamline your sewing experience. With its innovative air threader, threading loopers has never been easier. Say goodbye to tedious threading processes and hello to effortless sewing. The b64 AIRLOCK doesn’t stop there. Its versatile freearm makes sewing sleeves and cuffs a breeze, while the spacious work surface to the right of the needle provides ample room for your projects. Illuminate your workspace with 5 bright LEDs, ensuring precise and accurate stitching every time. Plus, with the bernette Free Hand System, you can keep your hands free to guide the fabric, boosting efficiency and ease of use. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, the bernette 64 AIRLOCK with its 16 different stitches and sewing speed of up to 1300 stitches per minute will help you complete your projects in no time. Key Features:
  1. Automatic Air Threader: Threading loopers is quick and easy with the automatic air threader and color-coded threading paths.
  2. Freearm Design: Seamlessly sew sleeves and cuffs with the versatile freearm feature.
  3. Color-Coded Threading Paths: Simplify threading with color-coded paths for each looper.
  4. Thread Tension Release: The presser foot automatically releases tension when raised, allowing for smooth fabric movement.
  5. Adjustable Stitch Length: Customize stitch length while sewing for added versatility.
  6. Large Working Area: Enjoy a spacious workspace with 130mm of space to the right of the needle.
  7. 5 LEDs: Illuminate your work area for precise and accurate stitching.
  8. Micro Thread Control (mtc): Set thread tension once for consistent stitches, even when altering cutting width and fabric thickness.
  9. Free Hand System (FHS): Keep your hands free to guide fabric with the included knee lifter.
  10. High-Speed Sewing: Sew at speeds of up to 1300 stitches per minute for fast project completion.
Transform your sewing experience with the bernette 64 AIRLOCK. Get started on your projects with ease and precision today.

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The overlocker with easy air threading

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